Three cheers for craft beers!

It’s been said that ingredients make beer, but passion is what makes craft beer.

At KORA, we’re all about the craft. While mass-produced beers have their place, it’s not at our bar. We believe that micro-brews provide the very best the beer scene has to offer: unique flavors and the highest quality ingredients.

From IPA’s to stouts, we’ve hand-selected our favorite offerings from microbreweries throughout the Midwest, including some of Ohio’s top names in craft beer!
Our micro-brew list is updated regularly to incorporate seasonal flavors and new releases, so you won’t be able to find our current featured craft selection online.
However, we do have a few options that are ALWAYS on tap, including:

-KORA’s Own Light Blonde
custom from Father John’s Microbrewery in Bryan)
*5% ABV
-Kora’s Own Chocolate Milk Stout
custom from Two Bandits Brewing Co. in Hicksville)
*5% ABV
-Crispin Original Super-Premium Pear Cider
*5% ABV

All of our beers on tap are served in an ice-cold glass for the best taste and freshness we can provide!

Stop by to see our extensive list of micro-brews. Come sip on the square with us!